A Warm Welcome to Fellow Hikers

ct-hike-5Misty Trails community wishes to welcome everyone and encourage all hikers and mountaineers to attend the trails and discover them and their splendor and spread the word to others, in order to make them even more popular and known around the world. Since the trails have been restored and underwent the maintenance operations, they have been brought to their initial state, which made them so well known around the world. With them being back to their original form, they can now be ready to receive the passionate hikers and mountaineers, both those who return with joy and those who are just making their first contact with the Misty Trails.

The local community entails over 100 hiking enthusiast, who are all eager to know other mountaineers and hikers and show them the beautiful trails. All those who develop interest in the Misty Trails and wish to come and attend the trails, will find that the local community is completely involved into the hiking and mountaineering initiative and almost everyone enjoys the beautiful landscapes and natural environment from the Misty Trails. There is a true culture developed, for the mountains and the hiking initiative and all those who wish to join the movement will be greeted with open arms when they arrive at the Misty Trails.

There is a local hiking and mountaineering club, which is open to all applicants and it will ensure that all those who wish to be initiated in the secrets of hiking and mountaineering, especially in the Misty Trails area, will be able to benefit from the companionship and lessons offered by the instructors and guides present in the hiking club. All that people need to do is talk to the park administration and make them aware of the intention to join the club. They will then receive advice and guidance.