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Top 4 Best Outdoor Schools in America for Hiking Enthusiats

There are so many riveting types of terrain to be walked, from the cracked plains of deserts to coastal paths to forest walks. Outdoor education is an integral part for people with a passion for nature, where

Available Camp Sites and Regulations

In order for those who attend the trails to be able to stay in the area, several special camping spots have been delimited, this way hikers and mountaineers having the chance to pick their favorite spot, stake

A Warm Welcome to Fellow Hikers

Misty Trails community wishes to welcome everyone and encourage all hikers and mountaineers to attend the trails and discover them and their splendor and spread the word to others, in order to make them even more popular

How to Tackle the Misty Trails

For the hiking enthusiasts, as well as novices, the official website of the Misty Trails would like to offer some valuable advice in terms of approaching the trails, walking on them and making sure that all regulations

What Makes the Trails so Special?

One might wonder – “What makes the trails so special and such a popular choice among hikers?”. And the answer comes in the fact that they represent a blend of pristine nature, beautiful habitats and well-constructed human

Tourist Information and General Pointers

All those who wish to come to the Misty Trails must be aware of several aspects that need to be taken into consideration by all prospecting tourists. For starters, they need to consider the fact that the

The Trail Maintenance Plan

The main purpose of this website is to popularize the trail restoration and maintenance initiative and the Misty Trails community hopes that through it, they will be able to attract more persons and make the trails and

Take Part in the Trail Restoration Process

The Misty Trails community also offered the possibility for others to become involved in the restoration process and maintenance operations and to this end, they have constantly offered places in their restoration plan, for hikers, mountaineers, tourists

Get to Know the Misty Trails Community

Ever since the 1900s’, the Misty Trails have constituted one of the most well developed hiking trails network from the whole northern part of the country. Considered by many a marvel when it comes to hiking and