Available Camp Sites and Regulations

20141009_153735In order for those who attend the trails to be able to stay in the area, several special camping spots have been delimited, this way hikers and mountaineers having the chance to pick their favorite spot, stake their tents and spend some good, relaxing time in nature. Most people will choose to finish the trails in a single day, but there are some who might want to take their time and camp, in order to travel along the trails slowly and therefore enjoy the beautiful landscapes.

With a total of 10 camp sites, the Misty Trails are offering extensive possibilities for those who start the trails from different directions. Since some of the trails are too long to be completed in a single day, the camp sites offer a good alternative and allow people to rest and recover for better hiking in the second day. Another great advantage is the fact that the camps sites offer valuable refuge for when the weather turns against the hikers, this way allowing them to stop and stay protected from the elements in their tents.

As with any other camping venue, the camp sites provided on the Misty Trails also feature their own, specific set of regulations, which if they aren’t respected, could result in the hikers or mountaineers receiving fines and penalties from the park administration and rangers.

Campers will not be allowed to set open fires in the camp sites, leave debris and garbage or alter the natural environment surrounding the camp sites in any way. This also included making improvisations for other shelters like hammocks. The way which the camp sites have been initially designed is adequately performed in order to offer shelter from the weather elements for those who pitch their tents and there are no other additional adjustments necessary.