Get to Know the Misty Trails Community

text194_2Ever since the 1900s’, the Misty Trails have constituted one of the most well developed hiking trails network from the whole northern part of the country. Considered by many a marvel when it comes to hiking and mountaineering, the Misty Trails have been a popular choice among hikers and mountaineers all around the world for many years. However, since they are such a frequented location and more than 1 million hikers tread on them every year, the trails have entered a slow degradation process, which in the latest years has had a growing impact on them and the quality of the natural environment surrounding them.

Initially delimited by passionate mountaineers who wished to be able to train for their expeditions in Himalaya by using several footpaths for running and elevation training, the Misty Trails were created in time, and the more hikers and mountaineers walked on them, the better they became in terms of paths and trail markers.

However, in order to combat the inherent degradation process that has been encountered in the last years, a community was formed, the Misty Trails Community, whose sole purpose is to maintain the trails and help restore them and keep them in good shape for the hikers and mountaineers. This website is the standing proof that that community is active and that it does a good job at restoring the trails, refurbishing trail markers and other elements that constitute the adjacent features, such as information panels and suspended bridges or ladders for the technical portions.

To this day, considerable progress has been seen and the trail maintenance phenomenon has increased in popularity and more people are joining the initiative. Beside the local task forces, the passionate hikers and mountaineers around the world have also joined the ranks and are all actively offering repairs and other maintenance operations on the trails.