How to Tackle the Misty Trails

img_1857-5For the hiking enthusiasts, as well as novices, the official website of the Misty Trails would like to offer some valuable advice in terms of approaching the trails, walking on them and making sure that all regulations are respected.

After the arrival at the Misty Trails, one of the first things that people are advised to do is to head for the park administration cottage, where they will find several park rangers, which are more than willing to offer help and guidance for all those who wish to start their adventure on the trails. From them, they will be able to obtain cartographic materials and advice with regard to the weather conditions and the trail state which must all be accounted for when deciding to depart on a particular trail.

After visiting the park administration, the hikers and mountaineers are advised to become well fed and hydrated before beginning their hike, this way ensuring that they will be in top condition and that they can focus their entire energy to the trails. Even more desirable would be for them to be properly rested, since fatigue can not only make advancing on the trails more difficult, but it has the potential to ruin their experience completely.

Last but not least, all hikers and mountaineers are advised to take their time along the trails, do not push themselves beyond a limit which induces tiredness and fatigue and respect nature and do not do any loitering, take their trash with them and do not contribute to the trail degradation process through various actions. Making sure that the trail markers are intact and unobstructed is one of the thinks that hikers can do voluntarily, in order to contribute to the maintenance process and ensure that the trails are kept functional and well looking, for everyone to be able to enjoy them.