Take Part in the Trail Restoration Process

dsc_8237The Misty Trails community also offered the possibility for others to become involved in the restoration process and maintenance operations and to this end, they have constantly offered places in their restoration plan, for hikers, mountaineers, tourists and practically any person who is passionate about mountain trails and wishes to offer a helping hand.

Flyers and promotional materials were offered throughout the settlements in the area and this website constantly offered the chance to participate in the local actions and initiative. In order to allow interested people to register for taking part in the restoration process, the Misty Trails offered a dedicated “Join” page, where all the credentials and relevant details for each participant could be provided and the registration request submitted. Additionally, all those who wanted to be part of the restoration process, could come by personally at the park administration cottage, where they would have been able to quickly join the others and offer their helping force to perform repairs and maintenance operations on the trails.

There aren’t any special requirements for those who wish to take part in the restoration process and most importantly, they do not require any special equipment or gear, since they will be supplied by the local park administration with all the necessary items, such as backpacks, shovels, gloves, ropes, etc.

There was a tremendous implication from the local population, who willingly attended the restoration process and roamed across all the trails in order to offer a helping hand. There were important repairs performed for the trail markers, which were renewed using fresh paint and new poles, the information panels were replaced and the paths themselves were fitted with gravel, stones and dirt where required, in order to bring them back as close as possible to their initial state that makes them such a great hiking retreat.