On the following pages, one will be able to read and view detailed information about the Misty Trails in the English Highlands, in a series of articles that are meant to show people the beautiful hiking trails and their specific characteristics that make them such a well known tourist destination.

People can browse several pages with information about the trails themselves, their aspects which are considered by many as the elements that give them their specificity and also with various details regarding tourist information.

Furthermore, the trail restoration plan will be presented to the public, whose aspects will be covered in detail and people will be able to learn how they can take part actively in the restoration process and other local initiatives. For hikers and mountaineers, a dedicated page will present the available options for camping on the different trails, therefore allowing one to get a good grasp of the hiking and mountaineering possibilities in the area.

The Misty Trails Community also features a well established group of local hikers, who have taken their time and written valuable advice and information for all prospecting hikers who wish to tackle the Misty Trails “head-on”. They wish to offer all people a warm welcome and hope that they will be able to find out what they seek on the trails.

Last but not least, the Misty Trails Community invites those who are interested in the trails to have a closer look at the following pages, where more detailed information will be provided.