The Trail Maintenance Plan

img_3182-stump-jumper-medium-538x218The main purpose of this website is to popularize the trail restoration and maintenance initiative and the Misty Trails community hopes that through it, they will be able to attract more persons and make the trails and their newly restored paths more known among hikers, mountaineers and tourists.

Started over five years, ago, the idea of restoring the trails and repairing their elements such as markers and information panels came to the local hiking community, who realized that the trails were degrading at an alarming rate, due to the very intense weather conditions and the fact that no maintenance work has been done on them, ever since their inception. The torrential rains, combined with wind and other climate factors, all contributed to the trails’ degradation which was also accelerated by the constant flux of tourists.

Therefore, a restoration and maintenance plan was quickly developed, in order to save the trails from further degradation and maintain them in their best possible state. The local community was completely mobilized in the restoration actions and the main objectives were to add gravel or dirt to the areas where increased erosion was present, replace or repair the markers and indicators that were seen in poor condition and even create new assisting elements, such as rails, stairs or cables in the rocky and technical sections.

As time passed, more and more repairs were conducted, along all trails and until the present day, almost all footpaths from Misty Trails have been completely restored and have entered the maintenance program, which entails several park rangers, which have the mission to constantly monitor the trails and perform the required repairs. The plan was a complete success and the trails have regained their initial form and are now again in good shape, attracting more and more tourists every year.