Top 4 Best Outdoor Schools in America for Hiking Enthusiats

There are so many riveting types of terrain to be walked, from the cracked plains of deserts to coastal paths to forest walks. Outdoor education is an integral part for people with a passion for nature, where they’ll learn skills which can be used throughout life such as surviving in the wilds or hiking through different wilderness areas. One of the top 4 outdoor schools in America is Lewis and Clar, beautifully situated on 137 wooded acres in Portland’s south-west hills. With views of Mount Hood, the sheer beauty encourages one to feel one with nature. Their outdoor program includes activities such as cross-country skiing, whitewater sports and hiking.

shutterstock_110297924Go Wild – with the right Outdoor School

These outdoor schools always take their students into different kinds of habitats. Warren Wilson College allows students to tackle the French Broad River with a kayak or to backpack in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The theme at this college is ‘there is space for everybody in the outdoors’. The University of Vermont is also considered one of the top 4 best outdoor schools in America. Close by are the Centennial Woods and Lake Champlain, offering splendid opportunities for backpacking. Check out SchoolApply, if you’re in any doubt as to the best environmental schools as they provide useful information on leading schools and help you with your application process too.

Lose Yourself in the Sheer Diversity

The University of California is ranked as a leading school for their environmental through Yosemite and into the Sequoia National Parks. Hiking in such beauty makes this certainly one of the best outdoor schools. Choosing a college needn’t be difficult for nature lovers. There is help available for finding the school that balances the academic side perfectly with outdoor activities. There are many smaller colleges for students too to narrow down their list. Some of these schools fantastic teaching methods include sustainability. With hiking in all its forms always top of the agenda for all events, it makes it almost impossible to stay indoors, and that’s precisely what hikers love.