Tourist Information and General Pointers

2235_892x600All those who wish to come to the Misty Trails must be aware of several aspects that need to be taken into consideration by all prospecting tourists. For starters, they need to consider the fact that the area itself represents a wild natural landscape and therefore, although the trails were build as accessible as possible, there is always the possibility of unwanted events occurring. Therefore, it is imperious for those who will arrive at the Misty Trails to be properly informed and documented.

All the trails start from the national park’s administrative cottage, where everyone will be able to obtain proper guidance, in the form of printed maps, GPS tracks, leaflets or even accompanying guides. All the necessary resources can be purchased and obtained from the local national park cottage, where all who arrive at the Misty Trails will be received with a warm welcome and assistance.

Arriving at the Misty Trails can be achieved in several manners and the local railway and road infrastructure ensures that all tourists can reach the trails in no time, regardless of their departure location. In collaboration with the park services, the train and bus companies who serve the region have established a partnership, which ensures a constant flux of vehicles which attend the trails starting points.

In terms of information regarding emergency situations, all hikers and mountaineers are advised to inform the park officials about their planed hikes, the trails which are about to be tackled and the expected trip duration. Telephone numbers for the park administration and mountain rescue services are provided on this page and all who venture out on the Misty Trails are advised to write them down or save them in their mobile device, for easy access.

Aside from the regular pointers offered, the Misty Trails community wishes every tourist safe hiking and to experience good weather along the trails.