Universities Nearby Famed Hiking Spots and Their Hiking Clubs

Students who are passionate about nature might be thinking about a way to merge their studies with spending time with nature, and this page of the Misty Trails website – trefriwtrails.org.uk tries to offer some advice to prospecting students who wish to apply at universities that offer bachelor’s and master’s programs and are located near famous and beautiful hiking places.

One of the first points that prospecting students must consider when applying to a university is their preferred area of interest. Is it engineering, biology, medicine, literature or science? Once they have decided on a field, they have already narrowed down on the possibilities and the search process becomes far easier.

In order to be able to maintain a connection with nature and their passion for hiking, students who wish to apply at universities must also consider the location of the universities, relative to the nearby hiking trails. There are a few good examples out there of universities which offer top educational programs to students and also take on scheduled hikes on beautiful trails. Some of those universities are:

  • university-of-manchesterUniversity of Manchester: this world famous university features its own hiking club, which organizes hiking trips every weekend, therefore allowing students to hike at their favorite places. Some of the most famous hiking trails which this university offers are the Brecon Beacons in Wales or Wensleydale area in Yorkshire Dales;
  • Leeds University: yet another impressive university, it offers a union hiking club, where students get to participate in over 300 activities, among which hiking is the most prominent one, the university’s hiking club being awarded as the best outdoor society for the year 2015;
  • Durham University: this university has its own hill walking society, which is one of the largest and most active ones in the country, with impressive hikes and walks in the Lake District park.