What Makes the Trails so Special?

imgp7311hs750One might wonder – “What makes the trails so special and such a popular choice among hikers?”. And the answer comes in the fact that they represent a blend of pristine nature, beautiful habitats and well-constructed human trails, which offers a great experience for all hikers, mountaineers and people passionate about nature alike.

Given their geographical location, the trials are at the confluence of several relief and climate factors that over the course of an entire year cause them to have a rather mystical and mysterious atmosphere to them. The constant fog and mist that shrouds them and the frequent rains that fall in that region ensure that a particularly special aspect characterizes them and this is precisely the reason why they have become such a popular choice among hikers and mountaineers who seek trails that are both isolated and different.

To complement the very interesting and mysterious aspect given by the local climate and relief factors to the trails, they are also passing through multiple natural habitats, where the natural environment has been well preserved and the flora and fauna are as they were hundreds of years ago. Combined with this, the well preserved geological elements and active water courses who are spread across the entire area, are giving hikers and mountaineers the feeling that they have somehow travelled back in time and that they are part of a tour in a natural history museum.

Needless to say that with such a well preserved natural environment, there are numerous endemic and unique species, both from the plant and animal kingdom and the misty trails are riveted with numerous information panels that allow one to learn more about the various species. All in all, the Misty Trails constitute a unique experience for those who are passionate about the great outdoors and who wish to experience something different.